The Stadhaugh Farms weather station is a personal weather station operated for informational purposes. It is not formally endorsed nor maintained by any official weather authority. Although every reasonable effort is made to collect accurate data, that data may be subject to errors or omissions.


Stadhaugh Farms is located in Millwood, NY about 1/4 mile NW of Echo lake at an elevation of 490' ASL. Temperature and Humidity sensors are about 10' above the ground, with the anemometer about 40' above the ground. Surrounded by higher terrain to the north and west and an abundance of tall trees, makes the location rather difficult for good wind data.



This station is a member of the CWOP program. Data collected by this station is forwarded to APRS and then on to MADIS. MADIS quality checks the data and it is then made available to various weather interested parties.

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This station is a member of the StrikeStar network. Lightning data collected by this station is forwarded to StrikeStar where it is triangulated with data from other StrikeStar stations to improve the location accuracy of lightning strikes.

Data Quality:

Charts plotting this stations performance vs MADIS expectations and the local ASOS station KHPN can be found here.


Except for lightning, Data is collected from a wireless Davis Vantage Pro2 Weather Station with a 24 hour FARS, WxSolution software Version, Build 2016.04.03 and a dedicated Davis Envoy receiver, Battery voltage is currently 4.66 volts, connected to a dedicated low power computer which is time synced to a local stratum 0 NTP time server.

Observed data, such as cloud cover, precipitation types, snow fall and snowcover is recorded manually. Cloud and snow cover are typically recorded at local noon. Precip types and snowfall are recorded as they occur.

The web pages are created on request by the webserver reading a weather data file that is uploaded every 5 minutes (the hourly observations are uploaded once every hour) and creating the page on demand for your web browser.

Advisories are obtained from a NOAA RSS feed that is cached. The forecast tries to get the point forecast, if that fails a zone forecast and if both of those fail, the NDFD forecast. The forecast is also cached.

System Status:

Server \\BILBO has been up for: 319 day(s) and 3 hour(s).
Server room temperature is currently 74.5°F.
Webserver last received weather data Jan 9, 2020 @ 4:00 PM.
Transmitters battery status: All OK.
Envoy receiver battery voltage is currently 4.66 volts.

Be Aware:

The data on this website is "best effort", and may be subject to errors, critical decisions that may effect life or property should never be based only on the information provided here, always check and evaluate the information from all available sources.


Advisories, Radar images and the Forecast are products of the National Weather Service.

The php scripts this site uses originated with those created by Tom of Carter Lake and now maintained by Ken of Saratoga Weather.

Weather history graphs are created from APRS data by


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